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Registration Form

Application For Registration


  • For LKG – At least 3 years and maximum 4 years as on 31st March of the current year.
  • For UKG – At least 4 years and maximum 5 years as on 31st March of the current year.
  • An Incomplete form will be rejected.
  • Please attach a copy of Original Birth Certificate at the time of Submission of the form.
  • If the FEES are NOT PAID in time, or if any procedures are left incomplete, you will FORFEIT YOUR ADMISSION.
  • Parents are expected to accompany their son/daughter for the interview.
  • All admissions are based on the policies of the Management. The decision of the Principal is final and binding.
  • Kindly refrain from bringing recommendations or constantly requesting admission for those already refused.
  • Parents of school students must be available whenever the School needs them.
  • A fee of Rs. 300 will be charged at the time of interaction.